A wide range of technologies for laser cutting of flat material (CO2 lasers, Fiber lasers) allows us to process materials made of structural steel, stainless steel or aluminum, quickly and with high quality, regardless of the type and thickness of the material.

Materials we are able to process:

  • Construction steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminium
  • Copper
  • Brass

Machinery equipment

MachineLaser powerMax. sheet sizeMax. sheet thickness, structural steelMax. sheet thickness, stainless steelMax. sheet thickness, aluminumMax. sheet thickness, copperMax. sheet thickness, brass
TruLaser 5030 CO26000 W3000x1500 mm25 mm25 mm15 mm--
TruLaser 5030 Fiber3000 W3000x1500 mm20 mm15 mm15 mm6 mm6 mm
Adige SYS LT93000 W3000x1500 mm5 mm6 mm4 mm3 mm4 mm
Bystronic ByStar Fiber 60006000 W3000x1500 mm25 mm30 mm30 mm12 mm12 mm

Special technologies

Laser cutting with air support

We have the possibility of laser cutting, where air is used as an assist gas. This technology is particularly interesting from an economic point of view in the processing of thin sheets, as it is more cost-effective and time-saving than the use of nitrogen and oxygen as the assist gas.

Fine cutting of thick structural steel

Using the CoolLine function, we can also create small contours in thick structural steel (thickness 15 and more mm). The structural steel becomes very hot during laser cutting and as a result it can melt uncontrollably. Using a special nozzle, the material around the laser beam is cooled by water mist. The use of CoolLine technology enables new geometries and significantly increases process reliability.

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