Laser cutting of moldings (3D)


We present you a new technology of three-dimensional sheet metal cutting, a novelty and the advantage is another additional axis, which serves to compensate for differences in shape of products. This allows faster and more accurate cutting of the product. The result is a reduction in burning time and cost. It is possible to cut holes through the edges into finished products.

Machinery equipment

MachineMax. laser powerMax. dimension of the processed semi-finished productDimensional and geometric accuracy of cut shapesMax. sheet thickness, structural steelMax. sheet thickness, stainless steelMax. sheet thickness, aluminum
PRIMA POWER RAPIDO3000 W4800x1530x765 mmaž 0,2 mm15 mm10 mm5 mm
PRIMA POWER LASERDYNE2000 W560x460x600 mmaž 0,2 mm3 mm2 mm2 mm

Special production

The machines can cut any shape into:

  • Extrusions (exhausts, covers, cable ducts, sinks, trapezoidal sheets and others)
  • Weldments (boxes, covers, gates, buffer tanks and others)
  • Metallurgical profiles (pipe, steel, L, T, U and others)

More information

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