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Our goal is to become a leader in sheet metal and profile processing

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We have been operating on the market since 1990, during which time we have managed to build a unique technological background in the field of sheet metal and profile processing and reach the leading positions in the production and sale of security doors and balcony systems.

Let us introduce ourselves:


Establishment of a company engaged in locksmith and plumbing production, which was operated within the association of natural persons.


The company's activities have been expanded to include the development, production and sale of BEDEX security doors with fire resistance.


Establishment of the company MRB Sazovice, spol. s r. o. and the transformation of the activities of associations of natural persons into a newly established limited liability company.


A fundamental change in the company's focus on providing services in the field of sheet metal processing - laser cutting, bending, welding, etc. Acquisition of the first 2D laser and press brake.


The company's services have been extended to include sheet metal punching (nibbling) technologies.


The company's services have been extended by technologies for laser cutting of pipes and profiles (open and closed) and technologies for laser cutting of non-metallic surface materials. In June 2004, a certified quality system according to ČSN EN ISO 9001: 2001 was successfully introduced in the company.


The workplace of a modern powder coating line was put into operation.


The company's services have been expanded with an automatic bending center and a new branch has been established in Kroměříž specializing in laser cutting of pipes and profiles.


Strengthening of technological equipment with fiber lasers suitable for cutting stainless steel, aluminum and its alloys, brass, copper, etc.


Acquisition of combined machine technology combining the advantages of laser cutting and burning. The technology is suitable for parts with more complex shapes and with more holes or threads.


We acquired a new technology for laser cutting of pipes and profiles, which is suitable for large parts with a maximum diagonal of up to 406 mm.


We acquired a new technology for plasma cutting of pipes and profiles, which is suitable for large parts with a maximum diagonal of up to 600 mm.

According to our own surveys aimed at a field of professional know-how and technological equipment among our customers conducted in 2021 :

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We can provide

Why should you
cooperate with us

Own design department

We offer cooperation using your ideas to complete the final product. Our designers use the design programs AutoCAD and 3D modeler INVENTOR.



We will choose the most suitable technologies for your order

In the field of sheet metal and profile processing, we always offer the most suitable technology for your order, in order to achieve top quality and production efficiency with respect to material, product size, seriality, etc. Therefore, we have lasers with CO2 or fiber laser sources, both for 2D lasers, and for tubular lasers. We have the capacity of 3D lasers for cutting moldings, water jet cutting technology, euro laser for cutting plastics ...

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We will adapt to the required delivery dates to the maximum

An exceptional range of technologies with large production capacities allows us to offer delivery dates that will suit you to the maximum. We own technologies suitable for the implementation of small, medium and large series of products. We have a wide range of CNC technologies from semi-automatic machines and equipment, through modern automated technologies of surface and tube lasers, punching (nibbling) machines, fully automated bending center workstations to three robotic welding workplaces with MIG MAG + TIG, MIG MAG + PLASMA and LASER.

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Wide possibilities in ensuring follow-up production operations

We offer cooperation on the entire product

We have workplaces for manual welding and grinding, technology for CNC straightening of material or products, bending of materials, capacitor welding of bolts, threaded pins, nuts, etc., pressing of bolts (manual and robotic), eccentric pressing, workplace for mounting and assembly of electrical installation elements, etc. We offer capacity for cooperation on the entire product.


Powder coating plant

We offer cooperation in finalizing the product. We operate an automatic painting line and offer the possibility of surface treatment of products through a powder paint shop. The technology of the powder coating plant enables the chemical treatment of products made of steel, galvanized and aluminum material for both indoor and outdoor use.


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Many ways of processing, only great quality

What are our goals

MRB Sazovice
spol. s r.o.

Company's visions

Sheet metal and profile processing (custom production)

We want to strengthen and expand the technological background of the company and implement the latest technologies to offer unique services for the implementation of technically more sophisticated orders = to be the technological leader in the field in the Czech Republic.

Security doors

We want to innovate the security door produkt continuously so we are one of the technological leaders on the market.


We aim to offer a product that will be maximally adapted to the needs and wishes of customers, and thus gain a stable position in the market of balcony systems.

Company´s Mission

  • We want to help with the design and development of design solutions and with the production of your products - custom metal production
  • We want to do more than doors, we want to make entrance gates to your safety - security doors
  • We will be happy to broaden your horizons and create a new place for your life - balconies

Our Values

  • We are reliable business partners for our customers - we have implemented and actively used a certified quality management system according to ČSN EN ISO 9001. certifikát logo
  • We ensure stability and work for our employees.
  • We support cultural, sports and social activities in our region.
  • Ověřená firma ifirmy.cz MRB Sazovice, spol. s r.o.


Why should you
cooperate with us

We choose... See all references and opinions of our partners.

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We have been cooperating with MRB Sazovice, which manufactures BEDEX security doors, for 22 years. During that time, we have never heard from them - we can't or won't do. The doors undergo regular minor modifications in response to safety and design trends, and are manufactured on state-of-the-art machines by a team of stable, long-term employees who do not tend to cheat. That is why they are a key supplier of security, fire and sheet metal doors for our company. Our end customers greatly appreciate the quality of workmanship, appearance, reasonably set prices and our joint efforts for honest work.

Josef Kovanda - executive ALCATRAZ Plzeň s.r.o.

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